Special events

Whats the key to a perfect event? Pick the perfect setting, then create the right ambiance. No better way than way beautiful creative ideas from our award winning designers.

Bloom’s botanical concepts and floral designs will set the scene for everything from an intimate terrace dinner party to a grand ballroom gala.

Events flowers - Bloom Flowers

Unique & unexpected

Our award winning designers have unwavering attention to detail, and the ability to carry off even the most complicated designs on large scale events. We always pair our customers’ desires with our core trend setting values to produce tailor made, eye catching concepts and installations.

Amazing events - Bloom Flowers

Memorable affairs

Bloom provides the highest level of service in planning, creating, and executing an exceptional, and always memorable affair.  We cater to our clients’ sensibilities and always stay true to the nature of the event whilst our goal is always to create contemporary, elegant and fresh designs.

Special events - Bloom Flowers
Large scale events flowers - Bloom Flowers

Make it special

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