Customer Appreciation Day

Buying flowers is a very personal tradition. Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, a simple purchase can tell a great deal about someone.

For #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay, we interviewed some of our customers about their experiences with flowers and our store. Alan Bender said: “I have a special memory with pink tulips, it will always remind me of one special person and one special day,” he said. “But in general, as a guy, buying flowers is something very big and surely not easy.”

As a luxury flower professional, one begins to understand and decipher needs of your customers.

It’s not only about finding the right flowers for the right occasion or hitting the recipient’s taste, it’s also about matching the sender’s character to convey a truthful message.

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“It’s tough, especially picking flowers for a girl that’s not your wife or girlfriend,” Mr. Bender continued. “A simple nice gesture can come across as something very different with the wrong arrangement.”

At Bloom, we advise many customers daily helping them send the right message. We feel it is crucial to get to know our customers. We strive to build relationships with all our clients, whether a corporate client with a weekly subscription or a new potential client trying to choose the right gift in the store. Bloom always tries to remember profiles and preferences.

Knowing our customers is especially important to us because the feedback only makes us better. Knowing what our costumer – new and old – like and dislike, helps our team not only create appropriate arrangements every week, but also challenges us to stay innovative and trendy.

We love to “wow” our customers, but we also receive inspiration from them.

Looking after our client relationships and studying their clientele is what makes us confident meeting their needs and expectation and ultimately leads us to our creative freedom. Knowing our client’s audience, preferences and vision is what has enabled us to have sustainable client relationships over our thirty years of being in business.

Bloom Flowers Manhattan

Bloom’s success is due to our client’s continued involvement and our dedication to them. This blog message is for you, our customers. Whether you have been with us for many years, or this is the first time you’re reading one of our blogs, Bloom is THANKFUL FOR YOU and the continued support and feedback that you give. Not only do we appreciate you as a client, but as a critical judge and inspiration. Your comments and dialogue help us to be better and feed into our continued success. You are the BEST!

Your Bloom Team

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