Interior Designs

Repeat and loyal clients of Bloom’s artisanal floral designs regularly request a deeper delve and intimate exposure into the Bloom lifestyle.

Discerning clientele visiting our storefront on 255 Murray Street envisioned what their surroundings could be when provided our design direction.

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Why Bloom interiors?

Requests for similar beauty, grace and ease of living came pouring in when the store showcased design products in the flower studio. Thus Bloom interior floral design services was born, expanding beyond just unique botanicals.

Beautiful interiors - Bloom flowers

Beautifully distinct

As an interior stylist, we provide assistance designing and curating the look and feel of an entire space. We consult on design for many businesses, corporate offices, restaurants and hotels, as well as residential living spaces. No two projects are alike. And no two outcomes are the same. Our work is distinct and unique. We source locally and internationally.

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Enjoy your space

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