Fathers who Soar

Fathers Day is spelled without an apostrophe because it is the one day that celebrates all dads.

An old saying goes that on Mothers Day the most flowers are sold and that on Fathers Day the most collect calls are made.

We are out there meeting challenges each and every day at work, home and trying to catch that crucial alone time.

A cherished group of dads in New York have succeeded in securing rent free accommodations in some of New York’s finest skyscrapers with stunning views.

At 55 Water Street over 100 children have been reared in twenty years by Peregrine Falcon Moms and Dads. The male falcon dutifully builds the family nest and soars through the city canyons to bring home the bacon while keeping a watchful eye out for his brood.

Falcons remain faithful until death.

Peregrine means wanderer and the booming population of New York’s banded falcons have been spotted as far away as Massachusetts, Maryland, Wisconsin and Ontario. It’s hard to keep the kids at home.



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