Get ready. Set. Restart.


Interesting times we live in. Uncertain times for sure.

All true. However, positive change occurs when we slow down, stop, and norms are disrupted. We tend to stay on a certain course even if wrong or not good. Sometimes this is just because it is easy or convenient. Other times because we are unsure of what to do or how to do it. Options are limited and/or are we willing to take the risk? Many times, we cannot even “see” with the daily distractions derailing us. We humans find it hard to change because of all these reasons and more. We are hard wired to copy the behavior of others, making it even more difficult to break away from the usual and expected.

So, with all the uncertainty, worry, disruption, and sadness there is great opportunity for those that seize it. A change for the better for each individual and for the world.

One cannot change what is but certainly we can influence the future greatly.

First, what separates us in theory now can unite us. We are all human with certain basic elemental needs that we all share. The virus threatens the fundamentals which gives us an opportunity to rally together.

Secondly, with interaction deterred, our need for togetherness will be even more valued. The isolation of working at home, no gatherings, no social contact, and the daily alienation of our “online world” will allow us to long for much needed companionship, interaction, and physical contact.

Also, it is time to really value what is most important to each one of us. What do we want to be? What do we want for our family, our community, country, and the world? This is an opportunity to think, feel, and reflect. We now have a greater possibility for change because all the rules are down, and the norms have been turned upside down.  Anything is possible.

Finally, it is in the simple pleasures and quieter moments that we have a renewed opportunity to enjoy. The virus has slowed the world down and reminds us that every day is special. Spend the time to appreciate these days and those that you share them with.

To hit restart allows us to think, dream, create, and recreate without norms defining us and necessity perhaps driving us.

It can be liberating even if we may feel physically confined. It reaffirms that we need our interconnectedness and, perhaps, we must rethink how we live and work every day. While it is easy to let fear reign, ultimately, it is an opportunity for positive change if we allow ourselves to stay safe, enjoy the one’s we love, and access what’s important for today and tomorrow.

It is Spring after all! Take the time to enjoy it and all that it represents.

Spring’s vibrant strength and resiliency after winter reminds us that everything and anything is possible.


Time to restart!

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