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For most florists Valentine’s Day typically garners the most sales of one day all year, with proceeds for Mother’s Day ranked second.

Many clients start ordering a month in advance while there are others who wait until the day of Valentine’s Day to make their selections. Customers can be very creative and do have specific flowers and presentations in mind, while others need intense consultation down to the message of the greeting card.

Bloom Flowers – Romance

Some clients make very quick decisions, while others need assistance to feel confident with their selection. No customers are alike. Bloom’s desire is to meet all of our client’s expectations and give professional, heart-felt and sincere assistance.

The process of creating and fulfilment takes detailed preparation, years of experience, and a passion for your craft.

Preparation – The expectations are high all around! The most important starting point is the quality of the flowers. There are many grades of flowers and the best are in short supply. At Bloom we order flowers three months in advance to ensure that we receive the quality and selection necessary to meet our standards for Valentine’s Day.

There are no middlemen since we order directly from the growers and most of the flowers are aired from all parts of the world. They are fresh cut and, therefore, have not been handled by many so they should be in excellent condition.

Bloom Flowers – Belle Femme

Next, our designers carefully cut and nurture the flowers after their journey for several days to be conditioned.

When we design, the flowers are also handled a certain way as to not bruise the flowers which occurs from too much touching.

The designs are then carefully packed so that they are not mishandled in the shipping process.

Drivers are instructed in the right and wrong ways to hold the packaged flowers when delivered.

There is great care and time spent on each one of these steps.

Design Process – Once again, it is the flowers that inspire. Bloom introduces about eight to ten new designs each season. Our loyal customer following look forward to the evolution of new designs. The container is another component to the overall inspiration. The combination of color, texture, and shape is what develops the direction of the design. Sometimes it comes together instantly and then there are moments of contemplation and several trials before the eureka moment strikes.

Bloom Flowers – Valentine's Roses

There is always a desire to strive toward something new within the parameters of the brand and, of course, to merchandise the collection to ensure that Bloom as a brand evolves. The classics continue to be the tried and true favorites which endure. Good design is just that.

Bloom also loves to customize a design for our clients.

Our translation of meeting our client’s desires into a unique meaningful floral creation is one of the brand’s greatest abilities and pleasures.

Bloom Flowers – Chaleureuse 

Love – Love of what we do and how we do it is paramount. Each design is reviewed before it is packaged. If something needs to be changed or added, it is done. If one more flower completes the design as each flower is different, then it is added. The end result is to create something that we love and share that with the recipient. Joy and beauty are harmoniously entwined.

Bloom handwrites our cards to be more personable even though it takes longer. The care given to wrapping is also an act of time and mindfulness.

Bloom understands how intimate and personal the gift of flowers is. It is a special gift. One imbued with many layers of meaning as flowers have been defined for centuries even before society allowed free discussion of feelings. People still use flowers to express their deep desires and thoughts. Therefore, it is Bloom’s mission and pleasure to make that expression clear and create the perfect unique design, with amazing flowers, and great thoughtful care at each step because we love what we do.


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