Terrace Garden Ideas: How Does Your Garden Grow

June is the month to turn grey garden rooftops to green with accents of dramatic color!

Whether you have a modest terrace space or an expansive rooftop, here are some simple terrace garden ideas to enhance your outdoor space throughout the year from Bloom’s Landscape Architect Stephen Yarabek.

Bloom Flowers – Rooftop Garden

The best gardens are those that have  a good skeletal frame work  which becomes the background for everything else. Trees and shrubs, shapes and textures come first and then ground covering and florals are added. There should be a balance between evergreens and shade trees. The test of having the right botanical framework is that your garden should look interesting and appealing in the winter when there are no other embellishments to enhance it. The strategic use of evergreen plants, trees and shrubs combined with seasonal flowers will give your garden a feast for the eyes all year long changing with the seasons. Apart from providing the “right bones,” the strategic placement of trees and shrubs should provide the right amount of privacy for your terrace garden design. Also choreographing the placement of elements of different size and texture achieves a spacious look and feel.

Bloom Flowers – Urban Garden

Apart from the botanical choices which should mirror one’s individual taste but should also reflect the environment which the plants will live, lighting, flooring, and irrigation are essential. 

We believe that soft moon lighting provides the optimum experience for night time enjoyment of your garden.

Fixtures are discreetly mounted above in order to provide your terrace garden design a natural non glare light similar to the moon. Flooring can encompass light pavers that come in a myriad in shapes and shades. Artificial grass in different shapes and sizes can create defined seating areas while also providing color and areas of cool respite from the heat. Irrigation which you can easily regulate is a must. During the summer, gardens no matter how small, need water daily. Defining the amount on a regular basis is critical to insure your garden investment is safeguarded and will give you enjoyment for years to come. The system should be easy and uncomplicated so that with a quick change you can react to drought or rainy conditions.

Bloom Flowers – Rooftop Garden

As for growing fruits and veggies, with limited space and easy access to farmer markets, Bloom specializes in providing decorative kitchen gardens to enhance the culinary palette.

Whatever, the purpose start with a good schematic plan for your terrace garden design and then build upon it with all of the elements described.

Taking into account, the  heat and light of your space is critical while considering your own personal likes. Your garden should flourish and become part of your outdoor living space in the warm months but it should add soft beauty to your home during the winter months hinting of the glorious possibilities of the spring to come.

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