Celebration – Bloom Flowers


Celebrate a joyous occasion with our vibrant Celebration floral arrangement. Available in three different assortment sizes, this custom flower collection of fresh flowers includes roses, callas, berries, orchids, coxcomb, and ranunculus brought together in a rectangular clear glass. Set the festive stage with the extravagant texture and color of this unique floral arrangement.
  • 5"x26"x10"Rectangular clear glass
  • 65-70Flowers
  • 5"x18"x10"Rectangular clear glass
  • 55-60Flowers
  • 5"x14"x10"Rectangular clear glass
  • 45-50Flowers

Roses, callas, berries, orchids, coxcomb and ranunculus.

The flowers and vase may vary according to availability and seasonality. All sizes are approximate.