The Value of Luxury Flowers & Keeping Flowers Fresh

Flowers are just one of nature’s magnificent creations and while their beauty captures the souls of many, there is a value to luxury florals from both a material and quality perspective that to some may be missed. Luxury cars, clothes, jewelry, fine wines, for example, may be easily valued in today’s marketplace but why buy expensive flowers?

Here at Bloom, we begin with the quality of the flower and the talent of the designers.

First, the lasting quality and beauty of our blooms stands high among the rest. Bloom ships in only the finest flowers from holland and other glorious corners of the world. Once ordered , the flowers are cut and air shipped direct and arrive 28 hours later to our design boutique. Like precious metals, there are grades to flowers. The price of flowers is also based on age. We only select and buy the highest grades and without a middle man, these delicate blooms receive less bruising and last much longer. They are the freshest and will look perfect days later. Second of all, our unique designs are hand crafted by Bloom’s talented designers with extraordinary detail and creativity who must adhere to Bloom’s high standards of design and taste.


How do you maintain the blooms to last longer and appreciate the full value of your arrangement? To keep flowers fresh, renew the water frequently as standing water breeds bacteria that leads to the deterioration of flowers. To do this, place your design in the sink and let the water gently flow over the arrangement and into the vase. Let the water overflow so the old water is completely replaced. No floral powders or aspirin necessary! This method should be done every other day to keep flowers fresh and the arrangement should never be placed in extreme temperatures, so nothing too warm or too cold. If this is accomplished, this should keep flowers fresh and lasting for 5-8 days or sometimes longer.

Preserved Flowers

If you are looking for a more permanent alternative to our unique designs , please consider our preserved roses that can last for years. These beauties come in various sizes & color, and make the perfect gifts or additions to your personal collection. You can find them on line or at our Bloom retail store at 255 Murray st in Battery Park City, along with many other one-of-a kind items from all over the world.

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