Bloom and Authenticity

The dictionary definition of authenticity is “not to be false or imitated: real, actual.” However, to be true and real in our world and marketplace today is rare. Our consumer society is moving in the direction of disposable, mass production, and cloning. The latest and greatest is of the moment. Of course, some of the highest art has been born of imitation but there is a unique element to it derived from a single perspective or revolutionary way of perceiving which becomes expressed. Art also conveys and elicits thoughts and emotion. You can feel authenticity, it is provocative.

Bloom and authenticity

The Bloom brand embraces the authentic. We are determined to identify and highlight the unique, the very special, and make it a passionate pursuit. Whether it be seeking an unusual flower or design for an event or sourcing a handcrafted item for the home or self, our mission is to stimulate the senses of the curious and bring a different experience to our clients.

Kimberly Perrone, owner of Bloom explains:

"Authenticity is hard to experience today. When something is authentic, you know it. It leaves an everlasting impression that is pleasurable almost sacred and its sentiment lingers. I look for the unusual and have an eye for rarified beauty. I search for what you do not see normally or never see and present it in a way that inspires."

Although Bloom is famous for our florals, we are a lifestyle brand with a strong and particular feel and identity. Whether it be flowers, jewelry, home furnishings, candles, or stationary, it must be reflective of Bloom’s strong brand identity. That identity is a modern, organic, sexy, and diverse with a bit of an edge. "There must be a WOW factor," she explains with whimsy. It is the mix of extraordinary flowers along with contemporary, vintage object d’art, found all over the world where the brand takes on it’s own special sense of the authentic. It focuses on both the interior space and the exterior landscape fusing both into one harmonious world. The Bloom store is a destination on to itself and is one of a kind.

Bloom and authenticity

So if you are tired of the norm and seek some adventure or just need to fall in love for the day, seek out Bloom and experience the wonders of the authentic.

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