Victorian Language of Flowers: Spring Flowers and Meanings

Life begins again in the Spring. After this long and dreary winter, aren't we all longing for a fresh start? This season holds more meaning in our hearts than any other, especially here in NYC where the parks leaf out, blossoms burst open, and rooftops come to life. At Bloom, our florals can help you express that joy through their unique designs and beautiful flower meanings.

Where did these flower meanings come from you ask? Let’s go back to the Victorians as they were masters at hidden meanings.

The Victorian language of flowers, which is sometimes referred to as floriography, have been used as a means of cryptological communication by using varieties of flowers and their arrangement. Flowers have been attributed several meanings for thousands of years, and this culture has been prevalent in different parts of Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Interest in the field of floriography reached its peak in Victorian England. 

During the Victorian Era, floriography was used to pass secret messages that were deemed unacceptable by the culture and people of this time. The Victorian language of flowers involved more than the simple meaning given to a flower, it also referred to the combining, presenting, and even the receiving of flowers. Victorian etiquette was dictated by who was around to observe the behaviors and manners of others. There was a clear distinction between upper class, middle-class, and the poor. Proper etiquette often limited communications based on people of another social status, of a different gender, or within social situations.

Top spring flowers & meanings: 

  • Tulip: Love, passion imagination
  • Hyacinth: Faithful, Dependable, Friendship
  • Calla Lily: Love, Delicacy
  • Lilac: first feelings of love, good memories
  • Peony: prosperity, united hears, love, ability to keep a secret 
  • Poppy: imagination, joy of dreams, consolation

Bloom Flowers – Defining Spring

This variation of the lily symbolizes love and delicacy, which are things we all need in our daily lives. 

GraceCrème de la CrèmeDolce

Here at Bloom, we embrace the ability to share moods and messages to and from all of our customers. Flowers are our passion and we hope that our unique designs bring you as much joy and happiness as it does for us who create them.


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